United Kingdom and Ireland Castles and Cathedrals

Edinburgh, Scotland, Edinburgh Castle

We spent 5 weeks in the UK and Ireland.  We saw four countries, England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.   It was a fantastic trip, and all six of us will have lasting memories of all of our good times in the UK and Ireland.
Our trip was very condensed for these four countries, so our main focus was historical sites and museums.   We are a homeschool family, which means we went to museums as much as possible.  We also went to the aquarium in Bristol UK.   In all we visited 6 museums, and one aquarium.   We also visited six castles and several historical monuments.   In all we gathered 8 hours of digital video, we used 2 cameras and our cell phones.  The cameras that we took with us was the Canon XL2, the DJI Mavic Pro Drone, and our cell phones we a variety of lenses.  We had to choose our gear to be as compact as possible, so we left our DSLR camera at home, however our cell phones did really well for still shots.

Below are some of the media from our journey, and there is more to come.  I have only edited about 8% of the total collection that we brought home.  I am also sad to say that much of the video on my Canon XL2 is damaged, because the heads were dirty.  I had just bought the camera used on Ebay for the trip, and I didn’t even think to clean the heads.  So much of that video is distorted unfortunately.   But all of the video from the Drone is fantastic!

This is our intro for our trip;

UK Trip – Castles and Travels – England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland


Carlisle United Kingdom Castle and Cathedral

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