Our Travel Adventures In Ireland 2017

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Our travels have taken us back to Ireland twice in one year.   Our first visit to Ireland was in February 2017 when we spent a total of 10 days in Dublin.   Our second visit was a result of living in Puerto Rico and having our home and possessions destroyed by hurricane Maria, after holding on for a month to get a flight out of Puerto Rico, we ended up in Ireland at the end of October 2017.   We connected with a family of great friends, who opened their doors to us for several months in the countryside of County Kildare.  Their family and our family have a lot in common, which we have been discovering for the last couple of weeks of spending time with them.

In our travels so far, we have visited Dublin again, much of County Kildare and parts of County Carlow.   When we get an opportunity between being useful as well as resourceful, we stop and fly the drone and capture some amazing footage of rural Ireland.

We have gotten great video and photos of The Motte and Bailey Castle at Ardscull, near Athy, Co. Kildare (for now this is only available on our facebook group),  the town of Athy (during a fantastic Halloween/Samhain festival), and the City of Carlow at the Carlow Castle.  Being that we have limited transportation, and a few responsibilities that keep us from doing much travel, the adventures have been minimal so far.  However we are finally seeing the Ireland that we had dreamed of prior to coming to only see Dublin last year.

Sadly much of my computer and video equipment was lost in the storm, so we are now working on creating quality video productions with what equipment we have available.  Mind you, some of this has turned out really well despite being edited on our cell phones for the most part.  Soon we will have better productions released for anyone who is curious about Ireland.

This is St. John’s Church in Fontstown, County Kildare Ireland

This is the town of Athy, County Kildare Ireland, and White’s Castle.

This is a Halloween parade and concert in the town of Athy.

This is the town of Carlow (Irish: Ceatharlach) , in County Carlow Ireland, as well as a focus on Carlow Castle.

Traveling Ireland with Drone
More to come at our Youtube playlist:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqSHyZn2HoU&list=PL2GHqmH2FfAt0r-nNMjAPhT0Tnbt6-FHZ

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