Traveling Ireland – Picking up some Irish Wisdom and sharing with you

You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips

We have been in Ireland for a little over a month now, and we have been blessed to be staying with a great host family that we have celebrated Kim’s and Amalie’s birthday, and now the host family has a new baby coming from one of their children.   It has been really nice spending time in a family type atmosphere where we live in the same home as the family, share facilities, eat together, celebrate together, etc.   This is so much different than our lives stateside, where when we have any family get-togethers, it is only our six, and up until recently our grandma Jennie as well (she passed away last September).

In our adventures here in Ireland we have visited a lot of great historical sites, castles, forts, monasteries , and ancient battle grounds.   While I had a drone, we took a lot of aerial photography of these sites and posted them on youtube.  I also found a great book that is a collection of Irish Wit and Wisdom, aptly named “Pocket Irish Wit and Wisdom”  (Beagan agus a ra go maith).     There are so many great author’s work collected in this little book, and some so profound and some funny that I had to share with our audience.

Enjoy our video compilation here;

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