Entering yet another country, crossing a border, as a gringo

Entering a country like Mexico or Britain that is in the center of a world wide immigration debate, seems a little odd coming from the other side of the border.   As a US citizen I hear a lot about immigration and I hear a lot of it from at least 2 sides and sometimes a 3rd party asserts their opinions.
I personally have my own opinions on this issue.  Both pro and con for at least 2 of the sides of this debate.

As someone who has visited 3 continents and 12 countries in the last year, I am learning a lot more about how other people see immigration from other points of view.   It is interesting when it comes of the president of the USA, how divided even people outside of the USA are.   In both Britain and in Europe as a whole, as well as being in Mexico I hear a lot of divided opinions on the subject of immigration.

We are not sure where or if we will immigrate to a new country.  So far we have just been visiting places and absorbing the local culture.  Sort of as free range antropoligists.  Our family visits historical sites, museums and other points of interest which after has a cultural significance.  It is interesting learning about other cultures both past, present and future.   We have been to futuristic presentations such as the Robots Exhibit in the London Science Museum, and we have been to the Egyptian exhibit in Bristol England, as well as visiting many castles and pre-historical or paleological sites like the Lovelock caves in Lovelock Nevada, which was the site of a burial of very ancient European travelers called the Si – Te – Cah.

Immigration is a fascinating subject, not just from recent times, but also the distance past.   We are now in Mexico which has a very rich history of immigration.  Both from the early days of and before the Olmecs, and throughout history for at least 17,000 years and also certainly in the present times.

I have set out to document what I have learned over our travels, and I have been putting a documetary together about immigration.

I will say this, as I have said in the past.  I have been treated better in both Puerto Rico and Mexico than in parts of the USA, and I will also say that I prefer Latin America both over North America but also over the places that we have traveled in Europe.

These are the playlists that I am currently working on, making video with my Mavic Pro in 4k quality from an aerial prospective.
Some time around September I will release my video/vlog on immigration.

Our playlists for Where’s The Map Info.

Mexico Playlist

Netherlands Playlist

UK & Ireland Playlist

Puerto Rico / Hurricane Maria

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