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This blog has been a part of a dream that our family has had since 2002.  We bought this domain and have intended to use it to document our travels throughout the world.

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18 years ago (in 2002) Ryan told Kimberly “(that) when he is 40, they will be retired in the Caribbean and will have time to travel“.   That is when Where’s The Map Info was born.One circumstance led to another, and after a life changing car accident, that was fatal to the drunk driver that hit Ryan, the adventure started off earlier than at age 40 like Ryan and Kim had planned.   After Ryan retired from his career as a System admin/Robotics engineer for an automated pharmacy equipment and software manufacturer, Ryan and Kim dabbled in a few investments and tried to get some family members started in businesses of their own.  When that situation did not turn out well, Ryan and Kimberly started their adventure with at the time 4 young children.
First they traveled the USA and saw a lot of sites that were on the bucket list.  After that, the family headed to the Caribbean and bought a 46′ sailboat, and then did some island hopping until ending up in Puerto Rico.   While in Puerto Rico the family traveled the U.K and Ireland from January to March of 2017, and then returned to their island home of Puerto Rico.
In Puerto Rico within one year of landing turned into one hurricane after another and within just a few short weeks in September of 2017 the island was devastated by two category 5 hurricanes.   The boat was sunk in the Caribbean sea, and the Thompson family lost their rental home and all of their belongings in the storm, so they took refuge at a refugee shelter for hurricane refugees in San Juan Puerto Rico.    Upon securing airline tickets to Europe, then family started off their journey in the Emerald Isles where they had left off in March of 2017.

“So the journey is under way, even without their lovely ship that they had intended to circumnavigate the globe with.   Their adventure now is on trains, planes and automobiles as well as the occasional boat or ferry ride.
Join us as we share our tips and tricks for traveling with a large family around the world.”
Captain’s log 03/22/2020;
We have neglected the logs, and have just been under incredible amounts of challenges.   Since the last time that I updated this page, we have saw now 5 major natural disasters, and then several minor natural disasters.
We have documented a lot of the areas of the world that we spent time in both aerial and on-the-ground footage, as well as pre-disaster and post-disaster with both on-the-ground and aerial footage (Mavic Pro Drone v1)
Extra Earth Travel
Castles UK and Ireland
Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico
Update on 03/22/2020.  The previous page is archived at [archive.org]
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Wheres The Map Travel Coin
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